When you see “CWT,” you have one of the
industry’s best working for you.

When you hire a water treatment representative, you want only the best. You want to be sure that s/he knows the field, is aware of any problems that could reflect on the quality of your company and is someone in whom you can have the utmost confidence.

This is why the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) created the highest standard in the industry, the Certified Water Technologist (CWT).

Work you can trust.

What does it mean to be a CWT? Someone who has the Certified Water Technologist designation is among the highest qualified professionals and has accomplished demanding criteria:

The most up-to-date knowledge.

  • This water treatment professional has passed the AWT CWT examination, a standardized, rigorous, 200-question proxied test, which covers every aspect of water treatment technology, from best practices to regulatory compliance.

Experience and reputation.

  • Someone with the CWT designation has been employed as a water treatment representative or technician for a minimum of 5 years. And as part of the extensive CWT application process, has obtained numerous professional references from colleagues and customers and has passed extensive peer scrutiny.

Ethics beyond question.

  • Every CWT has signed a 13-part Declaration of Ethics, which requires honesty, integrity, commitment to conservation of resources and excellence. This Declaration is a serious matter to AWT resulting in disciplinary action if found in violation.

Hire only the best.

So when determining who to hire for your water treatment needs, why take a chance? Hire a CWT and know that you have the absolute best in the field-in knowledge, experience and ethics.

For tips on how to find the right water treatment professional, visit the AWT website at www.awt.org. To find a CWT in your area, go to www.awt.org/cwt_locator.cfm.

About the Association of Water Technologies

Representing a large share of the U.S. water treatment market, the Association of Water Technologies has an international network of more than 500 independent water treatment companies and affiliates.

Improving the efficient, effective and environmentally appropriate use of water, particularly in the traditional areas of heat transfer, mass transfer, and treatment for recycle and potable applications is AWT’s goal. AWT is committed to providing its members with the most up-to-date information and education in the industry. AWT members help municipalities and hospitals, as well as manufacturers of electronics, chemicals, paper, petroleum and steel clarify water and prevent pollution and corrosion in cooling systems and boilers.

For additional information about AWT, its programs and services, and membership opportunities, please visit our web site at www.awt.org or call our headquarters at (800) 858-6683.

Interesting Facts

Total Fresh Water in Groundwater ~ 2 Million Cubic Miles

Total Fresh Water in Lakes and behind dams ~ 30000 Cubic Miles

Total Fresh Water in atmosphere ~ 3100 Cubic Miles

Total Fresh Water in Rivers ~ 300 Cubic Miles