KWT Environmental Policy Statement

KWT promotes environmental stewardship based on scientific principles. We strictly obey the environmental laws of the United States and the states and communities in which we work. When working in customer plants and facilities we accept customer environmental policies as our own. We make every effort to keep updated about the changing environmental law. We will make this information available to our employees, suppliers and customers. We will recommend environmentally sound practices including secondary containment and safe transporting and handling of all chemicals we sell. We will consider and promote technologies which have environmental benefits.

KWT Safety Policy Statement

KWT promotes Behavior Based Safety practices which require safety considerations for each job. We believe in the elimination of root causes and undesirable behaviors by the process of “Safe Performance Self Assessment” and “Job Safety Analysis” for each job activity. We encourage “job safety observation” and constructive criticism of our work. We accept customer safety policies as our own. We claim the right to stop work if we assess an unsafe job environment. We accept the right of others with whom we work to stop our work if they assess an unsafe work environment. We have developed an extensive “JSA” for our chemical cleaning activities. We follow OSHA standards for “Confined Space Entry” for boiler and other vessel inspection. We maintain Hazwoper 40 hour training for KWT supervisors. We follow OSHA Hazcom standards in providing our customers MSDS and training. Using proper PPE (personal protective equipment) in accordance to the MSDS’s is required of KWT personnel and others with whom we work.

KWT Insurance Policy Statement

KWT maintains general liability, product liability and professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate. Additionally KWT maintains Pollution Cleanup insurance up to $500,000 and Loss of Product in Transit Insurance up to $25,000.

Note: The preceding are the general limits of our current policy as 8/1/06 to 7/31/07. Please contact us if you need certificates of insurance, clarification regarding our insurance coverage or if our limits of insurance do not meet your specific requirements.