Chemical Feed and Control Systems

KWT has had over 30 years of experience in chemical applications to the water treatment industry. Specifying pumps, accessories and controllers is essential to consistent treatment dosing and consequently consistent results.

Advances in microprocessor PLC (Process Logic Controllers) technology and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems have resulted in improvements in the effectiveness of chemical feed systems. Additionally the ability to remotely monitor and control systems have improved the economics, accuracy and effectiveness of chemical feed applications. When key parameters are out of control sytems can be set up to alarm and notify system operators and water treatment management companies. These systems have also provided water system operators additional data to manage and optimize their treatment systems. Troubleshooting of system problems is easier as data management is automated.

KWT has developed realationships with key suppliers of chemical feed and control equipment.

KWT has had experience in selling and servicing many types water treatment control and feed equipment. These have included applications in boiler, cooling water, wastewater and process water systems.

KWT has assisted with the design and operation of dry polymer feed systems. KWT is providing customers advanced dry chemical feed such as the innovative “Smart Release” technology and pelletized chlorine dioxide for cooling water treatment.