Cooling Water Treatment

Microbiological control has been found to be the one most significant factors in successful cooling water treatment. Biofilms are responsible for several types of corrosion and provide surfaces for scale and deposit accumulation. The control of biofilm formation is very important. Additionally the control of pathogenic organisms (such as Legionella) known to grow in cooling systems is critical.

KWT recommends the most cost effective microbiological treatment for cooling systems. In most cases KWT recommends oxidizing biocides as the primary biocides. Biocide effectiveness can be sometimes enhanced with the use use of biodispersants. Non oxidizing biocides can be cost effective in system cleanup and overcome the effects of system contamination.

KWT recommends the most advanced polymeric dispersants for scale and deposit control. These dispersants allow higher cycles of concentration resulting less water and chemical usage. Makeup water with high hardness, high iron, and/or high silica content can be successfully treated.

KWT has successfully treated systems to prevent all forms of corrosion including white rust and mixed metallurgy systems.